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Functional Behavior Assessments-Behavior Support Plans 10/08 and 11/7

Oct 8, 2024 - Nov 13, 2024


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NOTE: Participants are required to be in person October 8th and November 7th.

Topic: Conducting Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) and Writing Behavior Support Plans (BSP)

Dates: October 8, 2024 and November 7, 2024


Time: 9:00AM-4:00PM CST


Location: Sioux Falls-Southeast Technical College, Mickelson Center Building, room 101, 2320 N Career Ave


Audience: Open to all school staff



After attending day one of this training, participants will go back to their schools and use the information they learned to gather data and conduct an FBA on a student. Participants will bring this information with them to the second day of training and use it to create a BSP.

1.       Identify the essential systems needed for an effective FBA/BSP process- Having a process in place, complete with the forms necessary to gather data and write effective plans, takes a systematic approach to ensure all the necessary steps are completed. This training will help you look at what your school has and identify areas of need.

2.       Identify when an FBA-BSP is necessary- Running more the two or three behavior plans in one classroom can be overwhelming for even the best teachers! This training will help participants look at student behavior and decide if the student needs a full, comprehensive BSP written, or if there are other interventions that can be tried first that will help the student change their behavior.

3.       Identify the steps for conducting an effective FBA, including data to determine maintaining function of behavior – Behavior usually begins as a reaction to satisfy a need, and continues because that behavior is getting the student the results they want. This training will take participants through a process that will help them not only identify why the behaviors may be occurring, but also, what positive behaviors do we want the student to use as replacement behaviors that will still help satisfy their needs.

4.       Learn the critical components of function-based BSPs- If the function of the behavior is unknown, we run the risk of making the behavior worse through our interventions. This training will help participants understand how the function drives the BSP and how schools can use the function to understand what skills the student needs to be successful.

5.       Develop evaluation plans that are efficient and effective- Writing the plan is only the beginning! Data collection and evaluation of the plan are key to ensure the plan is being used in the classroom and the interventions are helping the student gain the skills they need. This training will help participants understand the necessary steps to take during and after the BSP is implemented.

Continuing Education: 20 Contact Hours or 1 Graduate credit through USD


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