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Student taking a test on a laptop Jan. 25 Sioux Falls Interim Assessments 101 is a Course

Jan. 25 Sioux Falls Interim Assessments 101

Ended Feb 8, 2024
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This workshop will take place on January 25 from 10 am to 3 pm CT in Sioux Falls at Southeast Technical College, Mickelson Center, Room 101 (2320 N. Career Ave.). 

As your students return to the classroom after the holiday break, administrators and teachers will be considering the question of, “What knowledge and skills do my students currently possess and how can I assist my students to work more toward grade-level skills?” We have a training that will give you an in-depth look and will take you from beginning to end with hopefully all you need to know about Interims and administering them.  During the training, you will be given time to explore the resources and your district's systems with DOE personnel on hand to assist with any questions or issues.