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Title of workshop. The picture has a pen icon. Writing with Multilingual Learners in the Secondary Grades (Watertown) is a Course

Writing with Multilingual Learners in the Secondary Grades (Watertown)

Time limit: 2 days
12 points

Spots remaining: 1


Full course description

This workshop is designed for secondary grade educators - Social Studies, Science, ELA, English language development specialists, and instructional coaches.    Secondary educators will join this two-day workshop to focus on writing insturction that supports the use of the Teaching & Learning Cycle as a way to empower multilingual writers, not only to produce succesful academic writing, but more importantly to communicate effectively for a variety of purposes and audiences.  We want students to know how to leverage writing as a powerful tool to understand the world, express themselves effectively, and learn from one another.  This vision requires intentional language focused instuction and is strengthened when it occurs through authentic writings tasks in the content areas.  In this interative workshop, we will explore a pedgogical approach that apprentices mutlilingual learners into wrtiing in various academic genres. 

Date: March 4-5, 2024

Location" Watertown - Ramkota Hotel and Watertown Event Center 

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