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Path2Impact: Sustainable Teams

Started Apr 2, 2024


Full course description

The Sustainable Teams Path is designed to assist out-of-school time programs in recruiting, onboarding, and retaining dedicated teams through user-friendly tools and customizable professional development for novice and seasoned staff. It also provides resources for starting new OST programs, addressing various aspects, including professional growth, recruitment, hiring, and retention. The path offers valuable insights, best practices, and practical forms to streamline processes and foster the development of sustainable OST professional teams. Maximize your out-of-school time program's impact with these valuable Sustainable Team Path resources. Prioritizing investment in qualified staff benefits both participants and the broader community. To enhance onboarding and professional development strategies, these tailored resources foster collaboration and solidify team foundations, ensuring sustainable growth and long-term success. Empower your team to elevate your OST program's effectiveness.

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