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IEP Advance: Connecting the Path (Virtual October 10) is a Course

IEP Advance: Connecting the Path (Virtual October 10)

Started Oct 10, 2023
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As laid out by federal guidance, the team should ensure that a comprehensive evaluation is completed for the child to identify all needs of the student and to develop appropriate plan. The content will focus on reviewing existing data, the development of the individualized PPWN consent (evaluation plan) and tips to ensure consistency and compliance from PPWN consent to the eligibility determination meeting. The session will include scenarios, areas identified during reviews, and how to examine your internal processes and documentation.

Accommodations for training:  Any individuals with disabilities who require a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in the training should submit a request at 605.773.3678. Please request the accommodation no later than 15 days prior to the training in order to ensure accommodations are available.

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