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Library Methods On-Demand Book Study: The Artful Read-Aloud

15 points


Full course description

For this book study, you'll read and complete online journal entries/assignments for the book, "The Artful Read-Aloud", by Rebecca Bellingham. 


Credit Information:

  • Earn 15 CECHs from SDSL


Book Information

  • The Artful Read-Aloud: 10 Principles to Inspire, Engage, and Transform Learning 

  • Author: Rebecca Bellingham

  • ISBN: 9780325109169

  • Participant is responsible for book purchase



  • Students will discover 10 principles to an effective and engaging interactive read-aloud.

  • Students will reflect on each of the principles outlined in the book 

  • Students will practice implementing the principles outlined in the book.

  • Students will gain knowledge about innovative ideas that will enhance the effectiveness of their read-alouds. 


Evaluation Criteria

  • Chapter readings and activities

  • Optional online discussion

  • Final project

  • Evaluation survey



  • Module 1: Let’s Begin - Introduction, Chapter 1, Chapter 2

    • This module MUST be completed first.

    • The rest of the modules (except for the Let’s Finish! module) can be completed in any order. 

  • Modules 2-10: Chapters 3-12

    • As the introduction explains, you can read these chapters in any order that makes sense to you. 

    • For each module, read the chapter and complete all of the activities.

  • Module 11: Finale and Final Project

    • Read the final chapter.

    • Complete the final project.

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