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School Library Collect + Connect 2023-24



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NOTE: This is not a self-paced course. It is a series of chats/meet-ups that are scheduled throughout the 2023-24 school year. 

The School Library Collect + Connect Meet-Ups are an opportunity for school librarians (as well as other types of librarians and education professionals) from across South Dakota to gather, discuss, share, and learn. 

  • We will meet virtually via the BigBlueButton feature of Canvas. 
  • The meet-up format will vary on a monthly basis. Some months, we will discuss a specific topic. Other months, will be an open chat format. And, we will also have 2 guest speakers on special topics.
  • No credits are earned for attending the meet-ups. 

2023-2024 School Year Schedule


Wednesday 9/20, 3:30pm CT/2:30pm MT

Topic: Open Chat



Monday 10/16, 4:30pm CT/3:30pm MT

Topic: Learning to Read at School, Loving to Read at the Library



Thursday 11/9, 3:30pm CT/2:30pm MT

Topic: Accessible Library Services with Guest Speaker Josh Easter



Wednesday 12/6, 4:30pm CT/3:30pm MT

Topic: Open Chat



Monday 1/22, 3:30pm CT/2:30pm MT

Topic: Policies and Procedures



Thursday 2/15, 4:30pm CT/3:30pm MT

Topic: Collection Maintenance



Wednesday 3/6, 3:30pm CT/2:30pm MT

Topic: Open



Monday 4/1, 4:30pm CT/3:30pm MT

Topic: Creating a 5-Year Plan with Guest Speaker Cheyenne Chontos



Wednesday 5/8, 3:30pm CT/2:30pm MT

Topic: Passive Programming



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